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11/29/2015 by D.

Purchasing intimate apparel from any store can be challenging, but especially so when you are considering items from a secondhand shop or a thrift store. While many used clothing venues steam clean every item that comes into their inventory, one can never be totally sure. While purchasing intimate apparel secondhand may be totally off-limits to some, with the rising cost of simple undergarments, it can sometimes be the only option. Also, many thriftstores have a unique inventory of vintage items - especially full and half-slips - items that are almost impossible to find even at the finest department stores. Below are a few helpful hints to protect both you - and future consumers - from any potential problems associated with purchasing lingerie and other intimate garments from a secondhand shop or thrift store.

The single best way to avoid any problems with trying on intimate apparel at any store is to come prepared wearing a full-body leotard. These can be found at any store with an activewear section and are often very affordable. If purchasing a leotard is not an option, buy an inexpensive pair of pantyhose with a cotton panel in the vulnerable area. With items such as bathrobes, slips and bras, there aren't many problems to be had that would't be present with any other item of clothing, but with items like one-piece teddy's or underwear, there should always be protection.

Another easy way to avoid a potential problem is to bring along a few pads or pantyliners. Of course, it is always important to remove and dispose of the liners after each use, so bring as many as you can if you intend to try on multiple items.

Some shoppers prefer to simply try intimate garments on over their own, but this is not a great solution. First, it is difficult to get a proper fit - even with the thinnest of underwear - but it also leaves open the possibility of transferring an unwanted problem onto your own clothing.

Obviously, the most effective way to avoid any sort of problem with purchasing used pieces of intimate apparel is to very carefully gauge your size and refrain from trying them on altogether. Fortunately, thriftstore items are often priced low enough to take the chance, but if you do not wish to waste even a few dollars, using leotards, pantyhose or disposable pads or liners should do the trick. No matter how you go about protecting yourself when trying on thriftstore lingeries, always shower thoroughly after your visit and immediately wash all items in hot, soapy water.


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